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Contact With UFO UAP Non Human Intelligence Using Radio Waves

Today in this video we have what many call an initiated CE-5 contact with UFOs and its occupants' experience. This video montage gives us a first look into an experiment encompassing a 22-minute High Power Transmission beamed towards Space. Mr. Blanchette built and utilized his Home-Made Antenna Arr…

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Did Official FBI Memo Shed Light on Roswell UFO Incident Video

Today, we investigate this new Roswell FBI Memo that was publicly released.

Previous to July 1947, there had been rumors of UFO Sightings of strange craft overhead. These UFO Sightings didn't seem to match things like traditional planes and helicopters. Craft that had the thrust to go at outrageo…

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UFO News A New Cable TV Documentary A Tear In The Sky May 3rd 2022

William Shatner has a collaboration between the UAPx group and has announced a newly released project called "A Tear In The Sky". William said that he has a small part in this documentary but is very happy to be part of this project. The full airing of this Award-Winning Presentation will air on May…

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Covid-19 Crop Circle Wiltshire Farm UK Possible UFO Connection

A weird looking UFO was located flying overhead of Ecatepec, Mexico. This particular UFO Sighting has brought up issues about the conceivable connection between Covid 19, and the likelihood that, its source is from outside the planet, as some have recently expressed.

What made matters much mor…

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Video Capture of UFOs Maneuvering Over Several States and London

In today's UFO video, we have six alleged UFO Sightings captured by several different witnesses. In the first video clip, we see a supposed strange craft landing in Los Angeles.

In Pennsylvania, a UFO Sighting was captured on video showing what looks like a craft shaped like a disk glowing like …

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Crazy Weird UFO Video Showing UFOs Landing on Earth

Here we have some of the most remarkable UFO Sightings over the last ten years. When viewing this UFO Video one must keep an open mind as to what we are viewing. There are several video clips allegedly showing what appears to be alien UFO craft landing here on earth. These video clips at first sight…

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Strange Similar UFOs Appear Different Parts of World Video Capture

A great deal of recordings of strange flying plasma machines "UFOs" is posted across the internet these days. Most individuals feel that these videos are phony and there is no need to search further for explanations as to what these objects are. Yet, there are a few UFO Videos that relatively few in…

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Must See Video UFO Created A Huge Halo in the Sky Over Chile

Like Dr. Steven Greer, a gathering of beginners contacted with a UFO Sighting utilizing the CE5 procedure. The contact proceeded with the UFO displaying a very bright internal white light when laser light is aimed at it.

In Chile, a gathering of individuals utilized the CE5 procedure to gain the …

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U.S Military Personnel Reveals Shocking UFO Activity over Antarctic Video

UFO Sighting occurrences are apparently a worldwide peculiarity. Throughout the recent years attention has been made as to what is going on in respect to reports of military activity and strange reports of huge chambers under the ice shelves and have become increasingly more inquisitive concerning U…

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Taken Aboard a UFO and Turned Into a Mutant Audio Blog

Within the thousands of UFO Sighting encounter reports, there are normal components that give one a feeling of the idea of the commonality of this subject. Nonetheless, there are a few UFO reports that contain components that are exceptional to a point that a trained eye investigator may not be wil…

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A Fascinating Australian radar/visual UFO sighting report reviewed

One of the most captivating and dubious Australian radar/visual UFO Sighting reports which happened on August 31, 1954. This enamoring story was spilled to the media in December 1954 and stood apart as genuinely newsworthy across Australia.

The episode included a youthful maritime pilot, Lt. Sh…

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USAF UFO Report 1966 Submarine Shaped UFO with Aliens Oklahoma

During the 1950s and mid-60s, the United States Air Force-endorsed Project Blue Book explored huge number of UFO sightings. Some had clarifications, while others are as yet ready to be addressed. Three years prior a weird episode had occurred in Temple, Oklahoma. An observer to this case had a pecul…

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Amazing Discovery 4 Mile UFO At Bottom Of Ocean Google Earth Map

Presently a UFO is resting at 4.35 miles on the lower part of the sea. It's close to an exceptionally puzzling location Nazca, Peru renowned for the monster drawings in the soil that are many miles long. Those Nazca lines would be drawings to welcome the divine beings. In those days such flying mac…

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Missing Pilots and the Puerto Rican Underwater UFO Base Video

In this interesting show from the UFO files of 1991, Martin unveils probably the most mind-blowing UFO episodes that had been reported occurring within the airspace of Puerto Rico. A missing pilot of a light airplane which was snatched from the sky by a UFO. There was a huge military tactical hunt t…

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UFO News Video Mysterious Book of Earth's Extraterrestrials

Robert and Amber became acquainted with each other in 2016 as Robert was out traveling in Australia. Amber retold a story from her experience as a 12-year-old child, while living in New Zealand. She ended up gathering a man who showed her an interesting book, a book he had from the Waihopai Station …

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A Families Real UFO Encounter Experiences with Aliens Revealed

In 1975, the Robinson Family (nom de plume) ready to their home in the San Fernando Valley in southern California to spend the week's end in a hotel arranged in Cedar Pines, inside the wilderness San Bernardino National Forest. This was the beginning of an intense UFO experience encounters that woul…

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UFOs High Strangeness in Argentina Real Events Audio Blog Video

UFO News: In mid-December 2021, we spoke about a lady, Irma Rick, in the area of La Pampa in Argentina, who, after seeing a brilliant UFO light external to her home, abruptly found herself the following morning right around 65 km (40 miles) away sitting out and about in the town of Guatraché Argenti…

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The ADAM Research Project Investigating UFO UAP Phenomena Video

UFO News: The ADAM Research Project, an abbreviation for Acquisition and Data Analysis of Materials, will zero in on the assortment and logical assessment of material examples acquired through solid reports of cutting-edge atmospheric vehicles of obscure origin.

Now and again, different sources h…

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Contact With The Other UFO UAP Dimensions UFO Podcast See Video

UFO News: A gathering of researchers and technologists accept they're as of now in touch with different universes, claims Dr. Diana Pasulka in her new book destined to be distributed and temporarily named Tether Into Contact.
On That UFO Podcast Diana said: A portion of individuals I highlight in t…

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Mysterious UFOs Emitting Weird Lights Different Locations Video

UFO News: In Wadi Rum, Jordan, five secretive flying UFOs were sighted producing bizarre beams of light, stretching out to the ground in a peculiar scene.

In Woodburn, Oregon, a long, tube shaped UFO was sighted, totally covered by a red fire
like lights. In Grand Rapids, Michigan a UFO Sighting…

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