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The Vanishing 2016

Every year, thousands of people visit our National Forests and Parks and from which some of whom inexplicably never reemerge. Tragically, this group contains numbers of young children. Some are found, some are not. The U.S. Government claims to not keep records of these disappearances. Why not?

Along with these disappearances, the observation and reports of Unidentified Flying Objects "UFOs" continue apace, and with the advent of better and more affordable personal recording devices, credible evidence of these UFOs is also increasing. The U.S. Government claims there to be no substance to such reports. Is that credible?

Are these two sets of events related? Are people being abducted, some of whom to never return? There's compelling evidence that must objectively be allowed to take the viewer to a reasoned conclusion. This short documentary is designed to assist you toward that destination.

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