Mystery Video Makes UFO News Florida

UFO News Today: Surprised thinking they also saw a missile or rocket launch WPTV news Channel fives Matt Sczesny live on Palm Beach after he spoke with a witness Matt yeah John and that witness is convinced he saw some sort of rocket or missile out on the beach earlier this morning and he wasn't the only one but NASA had no scheduled launches today and we couldn't get through to the Pentagon for a comment on this but again the many who saw this UFO Sighting out on the beach early this morning were very surprised by the general direction of the Sun rising was just just south of due east that's where John Simmart says he saw it right before the sunrise on the beach in Fort Pierce an odd sight what looked like a fiery trail going up out of the ocean I started firing off pictures and then I noticed a speck of light above the contrail and so I zoomed in and I was able to get a couple of  pictures of what clearly appeared to be some type of rocket going up or missile obviously our Rockets stand still his pictures and video captured the site others saw two in Vero and Jenson beach some thinking it might be a rocket looks dangerous to but not quite it's very easy to speculate people think they see something Sandford Manley has a rational explanation a former Strategic Air Command historian he says it's just a plane the Sun filters the light through the atmosphere and turns red like it's sunset or a sunrise so it catches these these contrails which are normally we see is white and tints them red so that means it's very likely what many people thought they saw they really didn't see Sanford Manley says this sort of thing tends to happen more often with planes during sunsets than it does with sunrises we're live on Palm Beach Matt WPTV News Channel well it's not moving so that there's that and then or is it I can't pick it up with the camera oh darling did you say it's moving it's moving awfully slow.
 Mystery Video Makes UFO News Florida: 

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