UFOs AND SPIRITUALITY: Seven Strange Case Video

UFOs are not just a nuts and bolts phenomenon. There is also a strong spiritual aspect to extraterrestrial Alien encounters. In fact, a wide variety of paranormal events surround UFOs. A close encounter often has a huge impact on a person, challenging them on multiple levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's very clear that UFOs have a powerful connection to human consciousness and spirituality. This video presents seven firsthand UFO Sighting cases in which spirituality played a profound role. Spirit quests, meditation, ghostly visitations, dreams, premonitions, OBEs, channeling, psychic healing all of these are part of the UFO Sighting phenomenon. Over and over again, people who have close encounters find themselves spiritually transformed. What exactly is the connection between UFOs and the paranormal? While the answers remain elusive, these cases show that this connection manifests in a wide variety of ways.

The man who climbs a mountain to overcome an internal struggle is greeted by a UFO. A lady tired of the world retreats to the wilderness to find herself instead confronted with something otherworldly. Two young ladies struggle with an angry poltergeist only to find that something else even more bizarre has also arrived for a visit. These and other astounding cases will show you how truly strange the UFO experience can be. VIDEO LINK https://www.youtube.com/embed/RT2ah0H15mo?rel=0


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