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UFO Sightings & Secret Alien Base Reports surface in declassified docs.

UFO Sighting Black Object 1952 Montana

Sept. 1 , 1952, Yaak, Montana. 4:45 a.m: Two USAF enlisted men, and three men using AN/FPS-3 radar set. Report visually sighting two small, varicolored lights becoming black silhouette UFOs at dawn, and flying erratically for one hour. The crew at the radar station saw a, “dark, cigar shaped UFO,” right where the radar had the UFO pinpointed. What these people saw is a mystery to this day." UFO Sightings and secret alien base reports found in declassified U.S. Forest Service documents | The UFO files of the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) have been declassified. There are 20 pages in the files, and although there is a dubious claim about the…
OPENMINDS.TV credit Frank Stalter

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