Triangular Craft with Multiple Star Like UFOs Reported

Watched the skies for a number of hours. I saw multiple star-like UFOs traveling swiftly across the sky, changing direction not shooting stars. The skies were very busy. I then saw a Triangular Domed UFO I initially believed to be a plane; but, the lights were oddly distributed and it was silent. First, Three Yellow Orange lights laid out side by side and atop, or on the side of the UFO craft, pulsed, (looked a bit like windows perhaps) then a strange grouping of Three Red Lights on the underside pulsed. It looked both Triangular & Disc-Shaped. mufon cms# 110737 Pittsford New York 8/5/20 Region has had 3,920 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Image Depiction. 

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