Navy's Unreported Triangle UFO Sighting

McMillan correctly notes that the 2018 task force report “expressly stated that the potential for UAP to be ‘alien’ or ‘non-human’ technology was of legitimate consideration.” That report included photos taken by naval aviators on their personal cellphone cameras, which appear to show a cube-like UFO Sighting of the kind aviators described in the 2015 video-recorded incident. It is the 2020 report, however, which is most striking. Shared very widely across the civilian and military intelligence community, it includes an extraordinary photograph taken in late 2019 of a triangle-shaped UFO. The photograph was taken by a F/A-18F fighter jet operating off the U.S. East Coast. According to the report, the Triangle UFO Sighting rose out of the Atlantic Ocean and rapidly accelerated out of sight on a vertical axis. I believe, but have been unable to confirm, that the aircrew responsible for the photo were operating off either the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower or the USS John C. Stennis."   credit F.Stalter UFO Photo below was Navy's Operation Main-brace 1952
Operation Main Brace Navy's UFO Sighting

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