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Mysterious Pyramid Craft Reported Over New Braunfels Texas

UFO News: I was in the back yard area of my apartment complex with only my dog when I saw what I thought was a drone. One Solid Black UFO Object that appeared to be a Pentagonal Pyramid flying slowly through the air. It looked to be about the size of a small car and less than 1000 feet or so from the ground. UFO Sighting was about a mile from my location. Unidentified Flying Object moved from the NE to the North gaining altitude in a slow bank. I saw lights like big LED's that lined the edge of the Black UFO Object and were colors like red and green that lit in sequence like a wave.

The movement was the strange part since it wobbled like a poorly thrown Frisbee and rotated clockwise in relation to the ground fairly slowly. From what I can tell it had to have crossed I-35 from East to West. I continued to watch it move in a Northerly direction until it got out of sight still gaining altitude. Hardly a cloud in the sky, at least in that direction.

I have 20/15 vision, and I'm a veteran. I have never seen anything like it and I've had interest in aircraft since childhood having attended a handful of airshows. It wasn't a conventional craft. It wasn't a piece of trash because this thing was clearly rigid and to well defined, especially considering the lights. Hence, why my first thought was a drone. I knew something was wrong when I noticed the strange movement of it. It also had no trail or noise signature. New Braunfels Texas 8/5/20. 

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