Levelland UFO Sighting Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The Levelland UFO Sighting case occurred on November 2–3, 1957, in and around the small town of Levelland, Texas. Levelland, which in 1957 had a population of about 10,000, is located west of Lubbock on the flat prairie of the Texas South Plains. The case is considered by ufology to be one of the most impressive in UFO Sighting in history, mainly because of the large number of witnesses involved over a relatively short period of time. However, both the US Air Force and skeptics have described the incident as being caused by either ball lightning or a severe electrical storm. Levelland UFO Sighting Video:  The Levelland case received national publicity, and were soon investigated by Project Blue Book. Started in 1947 as Project Sign, Project Blue Book was the official US Air Force research group assigned to investigate UFO Sighting reports. An Air Force sergeant was sent to Levelland, and spent seven hours in the city investigating the incident. The incident inspired by the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, there’s a famous scene where a UFO makes the electronics in a car go haywire. credit Jason Clash 
Levelland UFO Sighting case

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