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Waco Texas 1954 Military UFO Sighting Reported Formation Flying Disks

Waco Texas 1954 UFO Sighting Formation Flying Disks

I was in advanced flying school at James Connally AFB,in Waco Texas in the last two weeks of my training to become a jet fighter pilot.It was a clear bright blue sky.and we had just come down from flying T-33 Jet trainers with our instructors.It was about three o'clock in the afternoon and we had just landed, about twenty of us including our instructors,and as I was walking into the flight shack with my parachute over my back, I looked down the ramp to my left and saw many people out on the ramp looking up into the sky. I turned around and looked up into the northeast of the clear blue sky and saw three "V" formations of glowing white UFO flying saucers. I told all of my fellow cadets and instructors to look up.There were 33 UFOs altogether.There were 15 UFOs in the middle "V" and 9 UFOs in each of the other "V's on each side of the big "V". These UFOs were moving slowly from the northeast to the southwest. When they got at a 50 degree angle above us, the second UFO saucer in the little "V" on the left side fell out of formation and fell like a falling leaf to the left. At that point, the entire UFO Sighting formations stopped in midair. The falling UFO saucer stopped falling and got control of itself and flew horizontally over to a position right under it's little "V" and then went straight up into its position in the little "V".Then all three "V'S" UFOs made a left climbing turn to the southeast and climbed on out into space at about a 45 to 50 degree angle and were out of sight in about 3 to 4 minutes. My instructor and an other ran into the flight shack and called Wing headquarters for permission to take a T-33 to fly up to them when we first saw them. Our T-33's had a limited ceiling of 39,000 feet with the wing fuel tanks. The tower told them that they were watching them and had done a triangulation with a theodolite and had determined that the saucers were at 100,000 feet and were 100 feet in diameter. We all just looked at each other and realized that there was a civilization far superior to ours and it was like we were in the dark ages compared to them. I had wanted to run back to my cadet housing to get my camera to take a picture of this UFO Sighting, but we cadets were not allowed to leave the flight line except in formation. I thought that there would be pictures in the paper the next day,but there were no pictures or any comments about them. The Air Force had really squelched any news about them. However the "tower" had to keep a detailed record of the UFO Sighting which was an Air Force regulation. I am sure that the record was deleted. There were thousands of people in Waco that saw them so somewhere there has to be a record of the incident. I went on to become a jet fighter pilot with the 452nd Fighter Day Squadron and 322nd Fighter Day Group during the Korean War, but never saw combat. mufon cms# 85061 UFO Sighting report Waco Texas 1954

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