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Video Clockwise Spinning White Orb with Rainbow Lights

I see these every other night between 10:30pm-11pm along with multiple high altitude Star like Orbs flying in straight lines by themselves in all parts of the sky. Some blink every several seconds like a space flash light where others dip in and out of visibility and none ever make a sound. I had my galaxy s9 phone camera ready because of the frequent nightly UFO sightings where I ask them, trying to see if they respond, but they never do unless them appearing more and more is them answering. My UFO video is compelling with stills and gifs taken from it at 8x zoom and with stills another zoom while paused where it has visible shapes and colored Lights as it spins. mufon cms# 115889 Vancouver Washington 5/29/21 This Region has had 2,643 Reported UFO Sightings  to date.  Click here to view Vancouver Washington UFO Video Clockwise spinning white orb 

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