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Very thin white shiny disc/cigar shaped UFO Sighting to the west traveling north Stowmarket GB 11/19/16

UFO Cylinder Goshen NY 2016

Photo Taken over Goshe New York 2016

Rattlesden, Suffolk, UK, Mitchery lane,(Brettenham road end),out walking alone, heading north,quiet road, fields either side. Not sure what made me look to the west- it was a very reflective UFO, so perhaps it just caught my eye.There's a gliding club in the village not far from there, so I did wonder if it was a glider but I couldn't see any wings. I was walking at a brisk pace and it was like the UFO was traveling alongside me but at some distance. I tried to take some pictures whilst it was still to the west of me but thought I had only taken pictures of the sky tried to record it as well and then I just couldn't spot it anymore- it had been difficult to relocate the UFO once I lost sight of it trying to take a photo etc. At some point during this time a helicopter passed- but the UFO was much higher than the helicopter. The UFO reappeared more or less directly above me, still on Mitchery Lane, around 7/8 minutes later (when I took a better picture)...it was like it was hovering at this point and then once again it just disappeared (as in, it was like it turned invisible rather than 'took off' at least I didn't see it take off). I passed a man and woman walking their dog not long after but didn't inquire as to whether they'd seen it. I think you would have had to have been looking hard to have noticed it though, just because it was so small/far away- that said, I felt like it was watching me throughout the sighting. I wouldn't say I was scared though, just very curious. 
I've always wanted to see a UFO, and for this reason I think I just convinced myself at the time that it was wishful thinking and that the UFO was probably something identifiable. When I got home I thought I saw that I had only taken pictures of the sky- I knew that I hadn't been able to see the UFO well on the phone screen it was like I'd just been aiming randomly, so I forgot about the event almost immediately, until a week later (today) when I started thinking about it when out on the same walk. I also saw a UFO documentary that showed me something that reminded me of what I'd seen. I had another look at my pictures and to my surprise I realized I had actually captured the UFO three times very tiny and very close to the frame in each shot it's an old Samsung phone so not the best camera but when I zoomed in on the UFO in one of the photos, it looked bulbous at the ends like two white balls stuck together side by side and elongated slightly it looked shadowed underneath in the zoom too.The other two pictures are less pronounced, but the UFO still looks a bit bulbous at the ends when you zoom in. Definitely not a glider!! Photos not clear. MUFON CMS# 80630

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