Very oddly shaped grey UFO Sighting Reported UK

While driving south down Whitworth road at Approx. 1300 I happened to glance up and notice a very oddly shaped UFO Sightings this craft seem to drift across the road at an altitude of somewhere between 200-300 feet. UFO Sighting was moving like a balloon but was quite unlike any I have ever seen. Being a Dark Grey in color and shaped like a Blocky, Asymmetrical Boomerang, it appeared to slowly turn as it drifted across the sky. Being somewhat taken aback I pulled over and exited my car. It was silent and soon vanished over the rooftops heading in a roughly se direction. I jumped back in my car and attempted to follow it at the next junction but by the time I pulled over again, it had disappeared. I attempted to follow it's heading on foot but alas, it had gone. mufon cms# 112978 Gosport England U.K  12/31/20 Region has had 2,258 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

Black Boomerang UFO

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