UFOs Using Clouds To Cover There Presence Ottawa Quebec

UFO Sightings report Ottawa Quebec 6/4/16: I didn't know where to report this to Mufon but given the weird UFOs I have seen in the sky in the same area over Quebec and the odd contrails I see in the same area now to add to that are clouds with so many different looks that I had to report this one at least. I have never seen anything like this ever and hope not to again. 

No I'm not crazy to report a cloud to Mufon. This wasn't your average 'gee that looks like a Bunny rabbit' kind of cloud or if you squint it looks like something familiar. This was a gigantic, took up 1/4 of the sky in front of me black/gray cloud cover that was in the shape of a perfect army helicopter. I mean this thing had dividers where the windows were, pontoons for landing, two antennas on the top of the copter/cloud plus a tail that looked like a giant fish tail. Yup I sound nuts alright, even to me, but this was just unbelievable. Of course I didn't have my camera which is going to tick me off till the day I die because this thing would make world news. You didn't have to look twice to see what it was formed like. I mean how can a cloud do that? It left nothing out as far as outlining a perfect, well almost, huge helicopter. 

Since I have seen several UFOs in this area I have reported before I have been watching clouds and a couple of my sightings including a triangle ship was hiding in the clouds in the middle of the day. Others appeared in different form about 7:30 pm in the evening on a summers night, clear skies. But one thing looks common, they hide behind the clouds, or try to. I have seen what looks like headlights in darker clouds some nights, they are always equal distance.between a pair and there are several pairs around. They fade away after awhile but look like headlights. I mention all this because obviously clouds and UFOs go hand in hand, especially in this area. 

I have no idea what to make of this helicopter shaped cloud but something is up and I do believe it relates to UFOs. Coincidental a ginormous helicopter appears made of clouds? There wasn't anywhere else to report this and of course no reports in media about this. I mean it was stunning. MUFON CMS# 76876

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