UFO Silver Disk Reported Hudson Valley New York

Traveling over the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge heading west. Spotted a commercial airline coming in from the South heading Northerly direction but in slowing down as if it was getting ready to either land at Stewart Airport or just took off and was slowing heading north but I couldn't tell. Suddenly a UFO Silver Disk with a large bubble glass clear top appeared coming in from the West a little over it; As I was driving over the Bridge; I could not pull over to photograph it. An UFO Alien Ship dipped down and hovered in plain site so that the passengers of that plane could see them from the left side of that plane. When it made sure those passengers saw it; it went back into the clouds and disappeared. Not the first time I see UFOs in this area of the Hudson Valley. mufon cms# 116682 Wappingers Falls NY 6/19/21

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