UFO Sightings Reports of Triangle Shaped UFOs on the rise for April 2016

UFO Sightings of Triangle Shaped CraftUFO Sightings being reported by the National UFO Report Center of Triangle Shape Craft have been on the rise for the month of April 2016 starting from 4/2/16 Las Vegas Nevada  Triangle shaped UFO object with a tail turning various colors, red, white, blue and green. 4/4/16 Montana US  Triangular UFO object with green and red flashing lights with one spot light. 4/5/16 West Frankfort IL  Three red lights are in perfect triangular form, they appear a lot closer than an average star.
The top one was brightest an the lower two were flickering. 4/5/16 South Portland ME Two bright “headlights” with two small blinking lights, one on either side. Outside of the colored portion where you could only see black sky, were the blinking lights, one on each side, one red, one green. 4/6/16 Hildale Utah UFO Sighting appeared to be triangular, black in color. 4/6/16 Elgin IL 3 bright white lights on each tip of the triangle. 4/8/16 Burlington MA Huge triangular saucer with 3 bright lights lit around the edges. 4/10/16 Corning Arkansas Triangular and tear drop shaped objects over Corning, Arkansas. Both UFO Sightings craft had blue white lights that did not blink. 4/12/16 Fort lee NJ  3 Triangle UFOs hovering higher than planes flashing red blue white lights.
4/13/16 Indianapolis IN Witness believes three UFO Sightings of Triangle craft were Military Aircraft? 4/14/16 Knoxville TN Triangle UFO Craft with escort. 2 UFO Craft. Heading due south, slow speed Front Craft was triangle shaped. Large red slow flashing light toward center rear, Small blue white lights on the corners with 3 more on the nose section non blinking. 2nd UFO Craft following directly behind was a straight row of lights, 2 bright white strobes on the ends with 2 red flashing in the center. No noise. elevation about 5 thousand feet. Partly cloudy skies. 4/14/16 Westfield MA   4/14/16 Stoneham MA  3 reddish, orange light with one blue/green light in the shape of a triangle pulsating.
4/14/16 Jacksonville FL   4/17/16 Calgary Canada AB  4/21/16 Sanford FL The UFO Sighting of this craft was triangular in shape with a rectangle base there were two red lights on the rectangular base and there were five lights 3 on each point of the triangular shape and two white ones about Midway down the sides of the craft. It was about the length of half a football field. A BIZARRE "triangle-shaped UFO" was reported being seen in the skies above the east and west USA - with sightings just one day apart, Mystery 'triangle UFO' seen on BOTH sides of US in separate sightings just 24 hours apart 

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