UFO Sighting was like an arrow initially and then changed to triangular shape

UFO Sighting Reported 5-26-17 Chennai Indiana

UFO Sighting reported over Chennai Indiana 5/26/17: I was in my balcony enjoying the cool breeze. Then casually I spotted a star in the sky. I was just enjoying the breeze when I realized that the it was supposed to rain so practically there shouldn't be any stars in the sky. So I again looked up again to find few more stars but I was taken aback on finding none. Then, I started to observe the UFO closely which I usually do. I found it like an arrow initially. I thought I was imagining and hence rubbed my eyes and closely checked it again. When I focused I found it in the shape of a triangle. I ran to call my friend. She confirmed the same. We were surprised and started thinking of the possibilities. I initially tried to take a picture but due to poor lighting, I couldn't take one. When my friend went to get her mobile, the UFO started to diminish that is its brightness decreased and then the size started getting reduced rapidly. Within a minute, the UFO sighting had become too small just like a normal star. To any other person it would appear the same as it was just like a star, a small circle. But this one was not blinking at all. This entire scenario was from 11:00 to 11:10 pm to be precise. It could have started before too but I can bet that it was not in the sky until 8:pm that day and it don't last after 11:10 pm. It stayed like a star till 11:30 I guess, and hey, I just checked out right now (12:07 pm) and the UFO sighting is completely gone. It is a full black sky with the same cool breeze flowing and not a single star in it which can be viewed by naked eye. 
I had strong doubts of spotting an UFO but I don't actually believe it. I regretted not having a telescope at that moment with me and mentally decided o buy one asap. so, I just Googled hoping to find a star or any other such shaped object but Alas! The first thing that I came up with was an UFO. It was from an article titled as "UFO hunters claimed to have spotted a triangular UFO over Melbourne." The image in it was 80% matching with the one which we saw today, Just the color of sky was pitch black. Then the first thing that came in my mind was to report to someone, so I logged into my Quora account and came across your link. So, I posted my story here. Please help me in understanding this UFO Sighting, phenomenon. I love space and its related objects, am always curious to know about them. Please tell me if it was an UFO or any other space object and if yes, what is it?? mufon cms# 83996

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