UFO Sighting Square Block one side white 30 feet square reported

On July 11, 2021 at approximately 7 pm +- 15 minutes, I sat outside on my patio looking south watching monsoon form. Clouds were grey and it was cool out. We have DM Air Force base nearby and I worked aviation all my life both military and civil. As I sat I witnessed a Black Square UFO Sighting flying directly north.

It was large maybe 20-30 feet estimated. As the UFO Sighting flew I saw it rotated slowly and one side appeared to be white, which was not a reflection of light but was visible as it rotated. It covered one side completely in white but it was on the side only, not underneath. Since I have been in military and civil aviation over 40 years, I could not readily identify it. The Sighting made no sound, followed a straight south to north trajectory, maintaining height at approximately 2000-3000 feet just west of our house.

As it moved it rotated around itself slowly and at differing rates of rotation almost wobbly but maintained course, speed, altitude despite a SSE wind of almost 20 mph. This proved to me it was not a balloon. It was not an amazon drone or any other known drone as nothing was externally mounted on it such as engines, wings, etc. Just a soundless square going about 200 mph which I estimated as we have military jets fly over all the time and this helped assess size, height of the UFO to best of my knowledge.

After the initial UFO sighting I got up from my patio chair and walked into the backyard to get a clearer view as it progressed north. Shortly after it disappeared into a grey cloud of weather. I had my cell phone and was so enamored by the object that when I finally took a picture it was too late. Since the UFO sighting I have had no side effects other than curiosity. fyi: I did google and found that lights were reported over DM Air Force base at roughly the same time that day with air force denial but a video ( not mine) shows them.

mufon cms# 116882 Tucson Arizona 07/11/21 This Region has had 3,595 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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