UFO Sighting reported rural highway Ontario Canada

I am so disappointed in how I reacted. I always thought that if I had a UFO Sighting would be excited and would take a clear picture or video. I always have thought "well that's bs" whenever someone says they saw something but did not take a video. Well yesterday morning, 2/4/21 around 9am I was driving my daughter to daycare. We live in a small town so I was on a rural highway with her in the back seat when I saw what looked like a plane with no wings. It was cruising at what looked like plane altitude, and going at a plane's speed, maybe slower hard to say. It was really sunny and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I figured it was the sun reflecting off the wings making them seem invisible so I disregarded it. Then this UFO Sighting morphed into a perfect triangle with 3 points of bright light at the end (nothing in between). I can only describe it as super bright stars floating in mid air (in the brightness of day). At this point the UFO Sighting was about 1km or so ahead of me and a bit to the west. I'm thinking "holy shit I should pull over and grab a video." and then the triangle all of a sudden turned into the same lights but 10 - 15 of them scattered across the sky right in front of me. there didn't appear to be a pattern, and they seemed to be lower than the triangle. At this point I freaked the f out. I was hit with panic because I felt like they were right above my car (still high in the air but their position had changed). I stepped on the gas and drove into town. I did not see anything in the rest view mirror and did not see anything on the way back. There was a car about 1km ahead of me and 1km behind so I really hoping they saw it too and got a video. This UFO Sighting was extremely obvious and anyone would have seen it that was close. I posted to a local face-book group to see if anyone else saw anything or got a video. Really hoping someone did! I'm disappointed that I panicked and did not record. I'm thinking maybe it was drones, that would make some sense, however it was really bright and it's very rural here so I don't know. mufon cms# 113532 Penetanguishene Ontario Canada 2/4/21. This Region has had 2,547 Reported UFO Sightin gs to date.

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