UFO Sighting Reported Philippines Caloocan

Boomerang shape UFO Sighting dimly lit point at forward edges almost transparent. Seen strange almost boomerang shape,, almost transparent sweeping thru a night sky, just after a freeking violent thunder storm just after sunset. The UFO is almost half round to a boomerang shape with lights on edge dimly lit (maybe due to some cloud). Was stargazing then suddenly out of nowhere coming from south to north, just passing the constellation of leo sickle head at great speed. It's unlikely an airplane because every night I would see giant airplane goes aorund in circle. But this is exceptional. It caught my eyes unexpectedly followed it as much as I can until it disappear in the thick cloud. It was unusual for me because its the first time I saw an UFO almost transparent with many dimly lit lights on its forward edges. Don't have an image on camera so I just want this page to be notified. Reported to nuforc.org UFO Sighting lasted 30 min. over Caloocan Philippines on June 4th 2019. 

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