UFO Sighting Reported over Volcano Grants NM

A group of us were staying over night near the Banderas Volcano near the ice caves. We saw what at first glance was a low very bright star. We commented on how weird it looked and then it started to move from side to side in a bouncing pattern. We all said what the hell is that? Then we saw a beam of light come from the UFO Sighting and lit up first the clouds around it and then the ground below. It suddenly dropped straight down to the ground. We could see the ground and trees glow from the UFO. Then it lifted straight up and disappeared. This was observed by 3 people. Later that night early morning while two of us were star gazing the UFO Sighting appeared again. It had pulsating lights that seemed to go in a pattern then went random. The object moved laterally from side to side then bounced up and down and in angles and hovering. Saw beams of light come out and lit up clouds around it. A clocking of clouds began to envelop the UFO Sighting and it disappeared. We watched it do all this for at least 20 mins. I tried to photograph it but it was too dark. mufon cms# 116793 Grants New Mexico 7/03/21 This Region has had 1,229 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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