UFO Sighting Reported Morphing Dark Brown Object

This UFO Sighting was remarkably similar to the Glendale AZ 07/04/21 footage. I can not recall the specific day, but I checked the time immediately after the event. I believe it was a Monday or Tuesday in late may or early June. It was cloudy (high altitude overcast cumulus with large nimbus clouds below moving faster. The weather was windy and all clouds were moving east. Initially I thought the UFO Sighting was a turkey vulture or eagle, but it was not sunny and it was too high up to be a bird (without thermoclines) and it was traveling in a perfect straight line very slowly too slow to be a plane, and I have never seen a helicopter travel that slow in this area. The UFO had clearly defined edges, it was not blurry or changing colors or emitting light. It was dark brown not black and perhaps translucent as the color would appear a bit lighter when it became flat. Now for the strange part. I had to keep blinking and looking away and rubbing my eyes to make sure I was seeing clearly I was the object was like a bag blowing in the wind although it moved directly opposite the wind direction. I would guess at its closest point it was about 500 ft. away and went right over my yard. It moved slowly in a straight line due west. It did not appear to have a discernible shape, it often appeared spherical, but would become flat more often vertically than horizontally or amoeba like. It did not make any sense to me and I was kind of doubting my eyes, but I have now seen two recent videos of similar UFO Sightings. I have seen much sighting footage over the years and this particular phenomenon seems new to me. I did not bother to report it until I saw more footage of the same thing. Also, I am familiar with star-link satellites, the ISS and what satellites look like. I see fleets of black helicopters usually heading NNW is packs of 5 over the Mohawk Valley and have seen strange things around those, but nothing like this new UFO Sighting. It was slow and constant. There was no other craft observed or heard in the sky during this UFO Sighting which lasted at least 5 minutes, probably a little longer. The way this UFO Sighting changed shape did not make logical sense. This detail is what seems most important to me. I had a feeling after it had passed overhead while it was still visible that I had been observed by it and that it was scanning observing as it traveled. The color also did not seem to make sense it was not stealthy, attractive or practical. It was windy, but no sound was observed. mufon cms# 116879 Frankfort New York 06/07/21 This Region has had 4,147 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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