UFO Sighting Pyramid shaped bottom row of portal lights reported

UFO Sighting looked like a 4 or 5 layered pyramid, layered by very low glowing lights or windows shaped in a extended oval shape. At first I thought it might be birds, but it was extremely high. And there was no flex or movement in the shape. The speed was unbelievable. I was observing a satellite with my 10x50 field glasses when I observed some thing flash by in the far left field of view of my glasses. I tried to find the object with my glasses, but it was gone. I then lowered my glasses to require the object, it was now almost overhead! it moved so fast that I had to look almost straight up, I saw it and observed it for about 2.5 seconds.

I was thinking maybe a flock of birds, but I knew it was not, not seeing the tail, tail flap of wings or the fade in and out of reflection off the wings. I have been flying in and around Florida. And the Caribbean for over 25 years, and I can recognize a flight of birds very well. This UFO Sighting was in low earth orbit or in the troposphere. Its speed was unreal with no noise. There were no anti collision lights, steady light reflection and it blocked several stars as it passed over me. I can give more detailed notes, I am trying to make notes as I give this description just so I do not forget any details. My description may be long and drawn out at this point. It would be much better if I could give more detail over the phone. Thank you. I made a sketch of it but don't know how to to put it on a computer, sorry. mufon cms# 112013 Key West Florida U.S. 10/28/20 

Different Shapes of UFO Sightings

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