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UFO Sighting Organic life form flying along Rt86 PA

Organic material UFO PA

I was on Rt 86 West Bound going to Bob Evans.
Bob Evans
2798 N Main St
Jamestown, NY 14701

I don't know what town I was in. I was going to Jamestown NY that is where Bob Evans was. I'd say I was about 25 minutes away from exit 12. This is the exit that you need to take to get to Bob Evans. The UFO or object was in the middle island of Rt 86. All the cars that were passing by that day. Who they are I have no idea? It did happen in the middle of the day. Description of UFO Sighting: It was black with shredded edges with a flesh color under belly. It was at least 5' long and 2' wide. If the every day person would seen it they would of thought it to be a wind swept peas of trash. I had looked at it for about 10 mins and could tell that it was under intelligent control and it looked to be organic. It was about 10' in the air going or moving from right to left and was as if it was looking at all the cars as they went past it from East to west. mufon cms# 79194

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