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UFO Sighting Hovering and Landing Maine U.S.

I was never expecting anything but a beautiful day then in evening walking my dog on our long driveway. I was looking around that I need to clean up the cut down branches and my dog Luke was staring at something in which I was not. All sudden Red and White Lights flashing in my wetland area and first I thought it was the fire dept. But again I was looking carefully and shock that it was a UFO Landing and hoovering down slowly and smooth. I wished I brought my I-phone but I did not and it would have been a million of dollar UFO video. I began to get scared and my dog was pulling the leash to the house and I saw lights flashing in red below the pine thickets. I took a photo of the area before the incident, and went back to take another picture again and there was a UFO after all, I had to keep to my self and on Wednesday I asked a neighbor if he saw anything like a fire truck lights he said no nothing. mufon cms# 110378 Maine U.S. Region has had 672 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

large disk shaped UFO with Lights

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