UFO Sighting Formation over Toronto, Ontario, Canada Multiple Witnesses

UFO Sighting Formation reported by a couple with young child, videos were taken from two different I-phones. UFO Sighting occurred at 7:00 pm on May 13, 2018, right outside the Toronto Zoo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during daylight.The couple and a young child had just enjoyed a nice day visiting the zoo, when upon driving leaving the zoo, a formation of UFO orbs caught the eye of the passenger through the sunroof of the vehicle. The couple pulled over and got out of the vehicle and both were able to capture multiple videos and photos of the UFO Sighting.The UFOs were moving independently changing formations and were very out of place in the sky from anything we had ever seen before. The UFOs were directly above the vehicle and seemed to follow the vehicle for another few hundred meters down the road and seemed to stop and hover above the location where we had pulled over for at least 20 minutes they were witnessed. Taking many different formations and patterns during this time. There also appeared to be an increase in aircraft in the general area shortly after the UFO orbs had been sighted. nuforc.org no video or photos were added to this report.

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