UFO Sighting encounter with a large triangular craft Louisiana

This UFO Sighting encounter took place from a vehicle stopped at a stop sign on Jean Lafitte pkwy near Chalmette Vista at approximately 9pm CST on the night of July 21st 2021. A large craft that appeared to be of triangular shape flat and long, not pyramid-like with green lights on visible corners. I could see 2 from the angle I was at and an extremely bright blueish-white hued, sequentially flashing beacon on the underside. Came flying from the south east headed north west towards the general direction of the 9th ward at a very fast speed and relatively low altitude I would guess under 5000 feet. The UFO Sighting was making what could best be described as a sweeping motion, keeping its general direction consistent but "sweeping" from left to right as it continued forward. The craft was visible almost directly in front of me for about 10-15 seconds. As it continued into the horizon it did not appear to increase its altitude, and the beacon stayed visible for at least another 20-30 seconds. One of the most interesting and alarming things for me about this UFO Sighting was that it was completely silent. I tried at first to rationalize it as a plane of some kind, but something flying at that speed and altitude would have certainly made some kind of noise. mufon cms# 117029 Chalmette Louisiana 7/21/21 This Region has had 876 Reported UFO Sighting reports to date. 

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