UFO Sighting dull oval shaped UFO streaked across highway causing car to immediately brake

UFO Sighting football shape Hickory NC 4/10/17

I was on my way home on Hickory NC at around 530:am on April 10th 2017 when an oval football shaped UFO Sighting streaked across the sky right in front of me causing me and another driver to brake immediately. The UFO was a dull white light almost like shining a light through a sheet of notebook paper. It flew from left to right (west to east) very fast but not fast enough where I couldn't see this UFO. At a guess I would say it was 250 feet off the ground and about 400-500 feet in front of me s the other driver. We were the only two cars on that stretch of road at the time. I know the other driver saw the same thing too. He was in the right lane I was in the left about three car lengths behind him. I couldn't hear any sound but I was in the car driving with the radio on. mufon cms# 83064 

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