UFO Sighting Doral Florida

We want to report that we have evidence of what we consider can qualify as UFO Sighting captured by our doorbell video camera. This happened on July 7 (basically last week). We have a video sequence of a flying object with extremely fast movements on almost the same point from midnight until 7 a.m. until about 6 a.m. The same day just after what appears to be a movement of translation of the moon. In the video it is appreciated how the UFO Sighting seems to separate and then rejoin or what appears to be two UFOs that meet and disappear without following a pattern. After 6:11 am the UFO Sighting disappeared. We found out today because I told my wife that I saw a rare movement of an intense light in the parking lot on the night of July 7th and when reviewing the video she could see that on the other side of that light there was a strange movement of an object, that is the object that I have just described. Everything is documented in the video without editing. Please see the right upper to appreciate the UFO Sighting. The event (object) ended at 6:11 am. I will send fragments of the video sequence where faces of some people who passed in front of our camera do not appear. by the way, those people did not seem to notice the flight of these objects. mufon cms# 110107 Doral Florida 7/7/2020  Submitted UFO Video unable to link

flying saucer UFO over trees

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