UFO Sighting Disk Shape following my car reported

A huge saucer/droid type UFO Sighting with lots of lights blinking and floating low and no noise seemed to be following my car late at night .

I was driving home and it is country atmosphere, there was no other cars in roads at this time near me. I was coming to my intersection off main road and saw something blinking fly across Main Street to the field . It was like a huge drone type shape saucer UFO with lights around it moving slow and low almost as low as trees . I got scared and hurried to turn left towards my house and I kept seeing it fly from field to field . When I came close to my house UFO had crossed field and came towards my street and was so bright I began to really freak out it wasn’t a plane too low and round was not a helicopter too big and no noise. I came to edge of my field where we have a gate and I got off car and it went behind my house in woods and came next to my property in their field floating above their barn ( no one lives here just land with barn and livestock ) I called my husband and was yelling for him to come out and see and was trying to open gate . I began to video it but it was though the UFO was just staying there floating looking at me so I stopped and was really freaked out . I open the gate and drive my car and hurried and closed gate. I called husband back and he was outside in porch my house is about 2 1/2 acres down driveway. He said he couldn’t hear anything and I told him this UFO was above the barn next door and began to follow me down driveway but in their side. I rushed to get under my trees in driveway parking . By this time it went behind my house through woods and went about 4 acres over to my left now back towards where I originally saw it and went down into woods. My husband saw it at this point too. This area is very quiet and few people who live near. I am a educated person and no drugs no alcohol. What I saw was real  I’m just scared now by the fact that I don’t know what it was. 

UFO Sighting Saucer Shape reported Huffman TX 2019

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