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UFO Sighting Dark Blue Matte Finish No Markings Reported

Vero Beach Florida  I was walking for an hour and my nostrils were unusually dry. It felt like my capillaries could crack at any moment, resulting in a nosebleed. About 9:00 PM I saw a small aircraft like a UFO, It had the front wings of about 24 feet like a glider and the rear of an F-5 fighter jet with duel narrow afterburners. UFO Sighting flew slower than a propeller plane with an electric motor whining noise. UFO Sighting flew west over nearby homes with a dark blue matte finish with no markings. It was 40-50 feet in the air. A static white light from the tail engulfed the entire UFO that went out and the object disappeared on August 21, 2015.

UFO Sighting Dark Blue Matte Finish

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