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UFO Sighting after military aircraft flew by 8-28-18 over Springfield MO

Sprinfield MO Rectangle Shaped UFO sighting reported 8-28-18

I was sitting in my car with the sunroof opened up at a local business. I heard an approaching helicopter flying over. The helicopter was a military style helicopter. The helicopter was flying around 3000 feet, headed in a southeast direction. As soon as the helicopter flew past, I noticed what appeared to be a shiny rectangle like UFO in a near stationary position. The UFO Sighting resembled a jetliner's fuselage minus the wings and tail section. The UFO Sighting appeared to be about 15,000 to 20,000 feet high. The UFO looked silver and white in appearance with a light bluish light on the right side of UFO was facing east.The object was only moving slightly to the east at maybe around 5 MPH. After observing the UFO for around 20 seconds, it darted out of view heading northeast. I do not know the speed, but guessing I would say it was doing mach 1 or faster. The UFO Sighting maid no noticeable sound when it was moving slowly and when it flew away at a sudden speed. Side note: At the time the weather was calm, around 80 degrees with a few scattered high clouds. nuforc.org

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