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UFO Sighting 4/7/16 Black Triangle Fairfax VA U.S.

While driving in neighborhood as I past elementary school athletic field noticed bright light in sky. Light did not move. Parked car. got out. stood in field to look. sky dark. no stars. clear view of sky and the UFO. no surrounding buildings other lights or obstructions. Saw dark triangular UFO. Black on black sky with bright white light in center. Light did not cast beam. Hard to determine size, height of the UFO in sky. Narrow point of triangle faced me. Hovered entire time. No sound. Noticed small red and green flashing lights similar to an aircraft slowly blinking on and off at either side of the largest two points of triangle. From my vantage point estimate the size of the UFO to be about twice size of an automobile. UFO remained still. I stood and watched it for about 5 minutes. When I left the UFO was still there. First sighting. Not sure if it is UFO or drone. Live in D.C. metro area. Maybe 20 miles from Dulles Int'l airport so see various size airplanes often. Never saw anything like this. UFO Sighting occurred on April 7th 2016 MUFON CMS #75718

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