UFO Photographed from Passenger Plane over Jacksonville Florida

This UFO Sighting was at 16000 feet just south of Jacksonville, FL on July 29th 2021. I never actually saw this but it was in the photo I took of the clouds, from the airplane very strange. The UFO appears to have the sun reflect from it and a shadow from the shape of the flying object. I imagine the speed was in excess of 35mph, since the speed of the propeller is close to that and the props are not blurry but still when the photo captures them. Due to the fuzziness I suspect the UFO Sighting is moving along the axis and pretty fast. so as to cause the blurriness.

mufon cms# 117363 Jacksonville Florida 7/29/21. This Region has had 6,048 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO Photo from plane

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