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UFO Hovers over Military Base

During boot camp, we were out on the firing range, and we had mess duty for 1 week after the range. As I had reserve time, I suppose I was put in charge of the morning detail of 4 or 5 other recruits, as I marched them to mess duty in the am ( 04:00-ish ). While we were on our way, we saw a UFO of sorts, come down from above and hovering over the swamp and observe us. We stopped and watched, and when it was gone, it took off in three different ways from a single sphere. If you know anything about marine corps boot camp, you would know that you don't talk casually to the drill instructors. The crew I was with told me I had to report it, so I did to the duty cook who we reported to. He called us crazy, and we worked the day at the mess hall. On the way back, they once again said I had to tell the d.I.'s. and I did report the UFO Sighting to my senior drill instructor Sgt. Patton, platoon 311 ( 1961 Feb to April ). Sgt Kemp was also there and I as I did not get my butt chewed out for reporting it, I was relieved when my reporting it was over. They did ask me why I didn't report the UFO Sighting as soon as I arrived at the mess hall. I told him I had. The next day, two men in black with sunglasses ( this really happened ; ) came to our barracks, and I was told to repeat my story, and I did. I never saw them again, or heard a word from my d.I.'s. I was promoted in boot camp which made me think it was because I reported the UFO Sighting. Nothing else made me stand out from the other men. I had always hoped to find my UFO Sighting report in Project Blue Book, being I reported this on a us marine corps base, but I never found it anywhere. A few times through the years, I tried to find it other ways, but to no avail. this is a true story. I think we were frozen by the UFO Sighting while it observed us, because we reported late that day, and you are never late on Parris island, and every other day we arrived early. In my business life I was a corporate director, after many years of being a senior business analyst. I know what we saw, and what saw us. This is not a scam. I wonder if...I will ever know what happened to my UFO Sighting report from that day ? I have my Parris Island graduation book with all my drill instructors. MUFON CMS# 105855 Parris Island South Carolina This Region has had 916 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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