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UFO followed my vehicle for over 2 hours and 110 miles Washington State

I was heading south on highway 195 out of Spokane, Washington when I noticed two separate UFO Sightings of a strange light formations to the east. They both had one large white light with a small red light underneath. They also each had another smaller white light about half the size of the main white light that was 30 degrees below. After a couple of minutes, one of the UFOs circled to the northwest back towards Spokane and I lost sight of it. The second UFO Sighting surprised me by coming towards me and then seemingly locking into a path that kept it at a 10 o'clock high position out of my left window. I couldn't tell exactly how high it was but my guess was it was 5,000 to 10,000 feet above me. I was traveling at about 65 mph, slowing down to 30 mph while going through small town traffic. Amazingly, the UFO Sighting stayed right with me at the same speed and position for over 2 hours. It even seemed to wait for me while going through the small town of Colfax, Washington. When I reached Lewiston, Id, the UFO Sighting seemed to gain altitude but was still clearly visible as I drove through the edge of town and headed down highway 95 towards Grangeville, Id. about 6:15 am, it started getting light and I was hoping that I could eventually see what shape the object was. but as I drove up the canyon south of Culdesac, id the object gained more altitude and drifted out of my line of sight just as it became almost light enough to see it. As an air force veteran, I can say that I have never observed any aircraft behaving the way this object did and I have no idea why it tracked me for that length of time. mufon cms# 112129 Liberty Lake Washington U.S. 11/03/20 Region has had 2,531 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO Sighting through from car window

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