UFO Cylindrical Shaped Octagon Lights Report Canada

While out watching meteor showers on Friday August 13/21 I had a UFO Sighting southwest of Stony Plain at about 12:57 a.m. from my backyard. The UFO Sighting was the largest thing I have ever witnessed, moving very slowly first from the south, then turned east. The body of the UFO was cylindrical with a v shape top. The dark body was visible but intermittently it seemed to be cloaking as you could see stars through it then back to seeing the shape of the body. I woke my wife to witness it. There was no noise coming from it or around it no sign of propulsion it was just about like standing in a vacuum. The large octagon shaped lights were on each end of it & as it passed they began to blink like the movie close encounters. As it moved towards Edmonton it began to speed up & then was gone in a huge blast of light. My wife had never witnessed anything even close to this & is now a believer! We were in total shock of what we saw & were both unable to calm down or sleep for hours after! mufon cms# 117307 Stony Plain Alberta Canada (Postal Code # T7Z1J3) 8/13/21. This Region has had 800 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Drawing of Cylinder Shape UFO Sighting Alerta Canada 8-16-21

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