UFO Black Sphere with wing-like extensions reported

I awoke to find an undulating beach ball sized black sphere hovering in my kitchen. It was in the middle of January, 2020, when I fell asleep while watching TV. I awoke at about 2 am to the sound of someone talking on TV. It wasn't very loud and I thought that I should turn off the TV. Then, I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look and saw a black mass hovering over our table in the kitchen area. It was completely silent. Panic set in. I was petrified at what I saw. I could not breathe nor move; I was frozen in fear. I tried to get out a scream, but couldn't. I tried and tried then eventually I found myself screaming "What the fu**!" over and over again. My wife, who was asleep in the other room, ran into the living room. While she was entering the room, I saw the black mass in our kitchen shrink and then disappear completely. Unfortunately, my wife had just missed it. Please see the accompanying image file. This file contains a detailed drawing of what I saw. My impression was that it was mechanical and quite technologically advanced. nuforc.org 1/15/20

UFO Black sphere with wing-like extensions

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