UFO appears hovering over freeway El Centro CA

My husband and I were on our way to Texas. Driving through El Centro CA around 11:30pm I spotted what I thought was plane in the distance flying strange it had three lights colors were green and red. I woke my husband up. He saw another what we thought plane this one with bright white lights. It started descending towards the freeway. My husband started yelling its going to crash into us. But it was moving way to slowly making very smooth turns. I went from 75 to ten, eventually the UFO Sighting was right next to the passenger side of the car. Again we thought it crashed but instead it hovered and almost went backwards. It was so close to our car my husband could touch it if he hung out the window. It stayed next to our car and then just shot off. No noise again, never rattled the car. We had the stereo off. The V drone UFO was so smooth. The top was a silver almost white color, bottom white. It had three lights that almost had halos around them, one at the nose and one on each wing. From wing to wing it was about the length of our Mazda and only about 2 /3 foot wide. There was no jet engine, no propellers. Again in didn't shake our car, zero noise. UFO was so smooth and just very clean lines. It flew like gravity was a thing of fiction. I don't know if this is a military drone with technology we don't know but why El Centro. There is literally nothing there. Why fly towards the freeway. There was one other red truck right next to me. Why come right next to us. None of it makes sense. mufon cms# 116417 El Centro California 6/10/21 This Region has had 11,564 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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