Two Bright Cylinder UFOs Connected in sky Reported

I live on the Fox River at 1901 n river rd. at about 1:00 pm, I turned right out of my driveway to drive to jewel food store on east Algonquin Rd, Algonquin, Il. as soon as I turned north out of my driveway I immediately noticed a bright object shining sunlight reflecting off it) above the road. I immediately realized it must be a UFO Sighting because I have never seen anything like it.

The object was heading from left to right and as I drove I was trying to keep my eye on it and was trying to grab my phone to take a photo. There are tall trees along the right side of River Rd and the object I was able to view because there are no leaves on the trees at this time. I sped up to get to a spot 300 ft. north of my driveway where there is an open area where the road goes up a hill to 4/5 houses to the right. I was planning to stop and take a photo. all the time I was viewing the object thru my windshield.

Once I reached the open area the object was passing over the hill. I sped up to go to Haegers Bend Rd about a third of a mile north on River Rd. I turned right on Haegers Bend Rd and sped down the road but lost sight of it. The UFOs consisted of two cylindrical objects linked together. Each UFO was looked about 40 to 50 ft. long and hooked together by a mechanical link. The height of the Cylinders was about 12 ft. the Cylinders followed each other in a straight line. They were very bright because the sun was reflecting off them against a clear blue sky. the object was very visible and clear to view.

It was the first time I have witnessed what I suspect is a UFO Sighting in bright daylight conditions. it came from a westerly direction and should have been noticed by others because it was relatively low, about the height a Helicopter would fly, 800 to 1000 ft. I have Helicopter flight time, but not a licensed pilot. It was a great experience that only lasted about 15 to 20 seconds. mufon cms# Algonguin Illinois U.S 3/5/21 Region has had 2,698 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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