Tumbling Triangle UFO Sighting Reported Appleton MI

A Metallic Triangular shaped UFO Sighting appearing to tumble in the sky. On April 22nd, 8:50 pm central time I was taking the garbage cans to the street and I had an intense feeling that I should look up. In the southwest sky there was a triangular shaped metallic UFO that appeared to have a tumbling motion even though I didn’t really see it move positions in the sky. I ran inside to grab my phone and unfortunately it doesn’t show up very well but you can still see the shape and tumbling motion. There was no sound associated with the UFO Sighting but it was very far away About 9:10 pm it was still there and I went back into the house. I am a retired Sargent detective for the Grainger County Tennessee Sheriffs Department. I also worked as a paramedic and firefighter for that county. source nuforc.org

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