Triangle UFO Emitting Orbs Over Clearwater Florida

Had this UFO Sighting from my balcony looks like its was a mile off clearwater beach called Mcdill AFB and they reported no traffic of any kind in that area 3:16-19 am sitting on my condos 7th story balcony in downtown clearwater. Three miles from clearwater beach I can only describe as a UFO. Estimated range 4 miles 40â° 1k feet 300â° NW it was a fiery triangle morphed into a gaseous cloudy state emitting 3 orbs Two silver one orange with lights and ribbing or girding structures a black spot rotated through its middle from right to left and began to disintegrate and the orbs instantly disappeared it stay stationary in the same exact spot for the entire 3 minutes and disappeared slowly into a clouded smoky state I called Mcfill AFB and they said" we have no traffic of any kind in that area" end of report name with held. mufon cms# 115201 Clearwater Florida 4/21/21 This Region has had 5,927 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Click Here For More Updated UFO News & More 

Black Triangle UFO

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