Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Alto NM 4/27/16

Triangle Black UFO 2016

Another UFO Sighting of a Triangle Craft in the night sky being followed by a cluster of white lights over Alto NM 4/27/16.

I was drawn outside by the sound of military jets flying high and fast above my neighborhood. I stepped out to a second floor deck and spotted the triangle in the west. The UFO triangle had evenly spaced round white lights on all three edges, a red light was visible in the center. It was being followed by a cluster of blinking and brilliant pinpoint white lights, it was all really quite beautiful. As the lights were blinking it was difficult to count the number, but it seemed to be between five and seven. All of these lights and the UFO triangle in the lead were headed southeast, as well as the sound of the jets that seemed to be following. If I held my arm straight and placed a quarter between my thumb and forefinger that would approximate the size of the UFO triangle in the night sky. NUFORC

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