Transparent Shadow UFO Sighting Reported Texas

I went outside to take my trash out. After I threw it away I noticed how clear the sky was so decided to look at the stars. I was looking north towards the outskirts of the town and just noticed one star just above the horizon, then turned my head right to keep looking and just saw a couple of airplanes from the commercial airport traveling from east to west. After a few seconds, I looked back towards the first star I mentioned above and noticed an orange dot in the sky just southeast in the sky from it. To compare the size of this UFO Sighting to something, it was about the size of small bb if you held it in the sky at arms length right in front of you.

I though it was strange that I didn't see it before but just thought I didn't see it because of lighting or something, and just shrugged it off and looked more north of it. As I kept looking up, I noticed the orange dot slowly started to move east from where it was originally at. This thing kept moving east for a few seconds and then made a sharp curved turn north and then disappeared. At this point I'm just saying to myself "no way!" and kept looking as I ran back towards my house. I ran inside and told my wife what I saw, but she just said that I was turning into the boy who cried UFO. So I just waved her off and went back outside and started looking in the general direction of where I saw the orange dot.

I stared at a cluster of stars to the northeast of where I had seen the light go out and kept looking around for about another 5 minutes, not really expecting to see much. To the right of where I was looking, I could see another plane to the right with blinking red and white lights which only confirmed to me that it wasn't a plane that I saw earlier. I looked left again and noticed a steady orange star a little bit higher in the sky this time and kind of just focused on it. The next thing I knew, this damn thing moved straight down until it was about 4 fingers from the horizon, stopped for a second, and then blinked out. At this point I was a bit excited and ran back inside to tell my wife again. Of course, she thought I was crazy once again. I then told her I was going to drive out to see if I could get a better look at the stars.

According to my doorbell camera, I left my house at approximately 2043 and headed out of town. I was able to find a county road a few miles north of town, parked and started to look around while on the phone with a friend of mine letting him know what I had seen. After about 20 minutes of not really seeing anything but some good scenery, I hopped back in my truck and headed back home. Again, according to my doorbell camera, I arrived around approximately 2103 and let my wife know that I was home and then proceeded to head back outside. I was looking to the north again, seeing if I could see anything, no luck. Approximately 5 minutes later I turned to my left and looked up, and I swear on my life, there was no mistaking what I saw next.

Right there in the sky moving at what I would say was about 60 to 70 miles per hour was an Equilateral Triangle with a light a each point non-blinking. I say 60 to 70 miles per hour because I can see the cars on the highway moving about the same speed. This UFO Sighting was massive. I could see right through it but I could also see a vague outline of the body. And just as I said before, a white light at each of the points. This UFO Sighting was moving so fast, but it felt like it was close at the same time. I would dare to say that it was about 1000 feet up in the sky. Even though it was so high up, I would equate it to the size of a baseball or an orange if you held it up in the sky at arms length. When I saw it, it was moving from south to north at a quick pace. I tried to pull out my phone but I was so overwhelmed with what I was seeing that I couldn't say anything and was just speechless. I followed it's movement for as long as I could before it eventually faded and I couldn't see it anymore.

I ran inside and couldn't control my emotions. I began to cry from how overwhelmed I was and my wife asked me what was wrong. I explained to her what I had seen in the sky the best I could as she tried to calm me. I drew a rough sketch of what I had seen on my hand with a marker and explained how it was behaving. Once, I was able to gather myself up enough, I went back outside to see if I could see anything else. After looking for about another 10 minutes, I was able to observe another star-like light blink out and not return to the east, and one more star-like UFO Sighting in the west move at a slow rate, stop, and then disappear. At this point, it was so overwhelming, I didn't even know what to do so I just went inside my house. I really don't know what i witnessed tonight, but my life is changed forever. I was hesitant to even report these UFO sightings because I had reported another sighting less than a year ago and felt that I would not be believed. Regardless, be careful out there. mufon cms# 113484 Hereford Texas 1/31/21 Region has had 6,184 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Image below is only a depiction of this report.

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