Translucent Triangle Diamond UFO near f35s Florida Reported

I was enjoying a day off when I heard loud aircraft approaching. I looked toward the sound and seen two f-35 ascending in formation at about 5,000 feet. They were in a relaxed climb, nothing aggressive. I decided to record them on my phone I phone 2020 new). As I was trying to center the planes to get a good recording, I noticed in my peripheral vision to my left an UFO coming across my field of view on a downward angle. The UFO Sighting looked white or light blue in my vision moving at an incredible rate of speed. I could not even guess at the speed. UFO Sighting moved across my field of view in about a second. Depending on how close it was, again, I could not estimate speed. seeing this hazy almost transparent UFO, broke my concentration on getting good video of the jets. To my astonishment, I seen that my I Phone recorded what I seen. I work in ophthalmology and assure you that the video I have supplied are not apparitions, reflections, or other camera phenomenon. I seen this UFO Sighting with my eyes outside the camera. I was outside and there was no glass or windows between myself and the object. My lens was very clean. I understand my vision and interpretation of objects through the eyes and brain quite well. I understand light and reflection. Working in vision care allows me a unique skepticism. The object I recorded was real and had mass. I cannot explain the way the light moved through the object and around it but it was definitely there. I am attaching the video of what I recorded and a few screen shots I took out and zoomed. mufon cms# 114576 Seffner Florida 4/02/21 Region has had 5,885 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Paste/Cut/Search Video link below.

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