Three UFOs with blinking lights appeared over Florida lake

My boyfriend and I were out on a dock at the lake in our community at 9:15pm. We had clear visibility as the moon was almost full, there were street lights near by, and a lit fountain in the center of the lake. We were looking at the stars when one white light appeared in the air next to the fountain and started to fly towards us slowly. Then two more UFO lights appeared in line right next to the first, they were blinking and multicolored.

The lights flew by us silently. As it turned we could see three more solid white lights in a triangle shape on what we believe was the bottom of it. As we watched it fly away over the buildings behind us, a second one appeared in the exact same place the first one came from. It flew in the same path as the first, but ever so slightly closer to us. They were pretty close in the first place so we were staring to get uncomfortable. A third one appeared just like the other two and we started to walk back home. As we walked, the third one turned its lights in our direction as if it was watching us walk away. We had to walk along side the lake to get back to our apartment and the further along we got, the lights moved in the direction we were moving, while still remaining hovering in the middle of the lake. When we stepped off the sidewalk to cross the street and move away from the lake, it started to follow us. It crossed the distance of the lake so fast that we started running in a panic.

I was screaming at my boyfriend to delete his recordings of them because I thought maybe that's why it was chasing us he did not delete them. As it got really close to us we could hear a pulsating noise the best way I can describe it is similar to the wub wub wub of a pod racer in star wars, but not quite. We could feel strong air coming from it like a helicopter, but as if the air was pulsating down on us. I don't know how else to describe it but the air felt the same way the UFO sounded. We ran underneath a covered walkway between two three-story buildings. It was right over us just as we made it to the cover then it flew up and over the buildings. My boyfriend got a good look at the bottom of this UFO as it went over us and he described it as being mostly round and large. The bottom was a gray/silver metal with vents and three lights in triangle formation.

We believe they must have some type of cloaking technology for the top and sides because at first the only thing that was visible was the blinking lights which I would describe as three headlights until it turned and made the bottom visible. The bottom triangle lights were not visible when it was flying straight. The UFO Sighting event went from fun to terrifying very quickly and my mental health has suffered because of it. mufon cms# 117853 Four Corners Florida 8/21/21. This Region has had 6,068 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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