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Three UFO Sightings of Craft During 3 Minutes Lees Summit MO U.S. 9/26/16

UFO Sightings Lees Summit MO 9/26/16

On Monday September 26, 2016 at 3:15 pm, I decided to take some random videos over the treetops behind the house which overlooks Blue Springs Lake. This is because I had once again been noticing fleeting and very momentary fractions of a second of movements up, down, right and left. If one pays attention, this occurs daily. 

I took six random videos over a span of five minutes with each one varying in length. In three of the videos I found evidence of UFOs moving through the screen. 
• The first video was taken at 3:15 pm and lasted 17 seconds, and showed a UFO black sphere moving from right to left in the lower quadrant of the screen above the tree tops. 
• The second video was taken at 3:17 pm and lasted 22 seconds and showed a faint gray  UFO sphere moving upward on the left side of the screen. 
• The third video was taken at 3:18 pm and lasted 12 seconds and showed a faint gray UFO sphere moving from left to right at a slight angle in the upper quadrant of the screen. 

Video #1 
The UFO Sighting in this video was the clearest of the three UFOs and very obvious as a black round spherical UFO craft. It moved slowly compared to the other two UFOs as it lasted 3.56 seconds as it moved from the right to the left side of the screen from an elevation of 20° above the lake from 340° to 333°.. The distance traveled, assuming that it was around 1 mile away, calculates to a distance of .15 miles in 3.56 seconds. The speed computes to be 151 mph. It dropped 3.5° from right to left in its trajectory across the screen. Interestingly, the distance that it traveled from first observation to probably hitting of land or water is about .86 miles. It just so happens that there is a small unnamed lake due west of the initial UFO sighting that is .87 miles away. This most likely was its destination. 

Video #2 
The UFO Sighting in video # 2 was a light gray sphere that moved upward at NNW or 334° and traveled a distance of .1 mile in .73 seconds. This converts to 493 mph. 

Video #3 
The UFO in video # 3 is at an 18° elevation above the lake traveled from left to right on the screen a distance of .19 miles in .37 seconds. This converts to 1,868 mph. 

In a span of only 3 minutes, three different types of UFOs were captured on video each traveling in a different heading and at different speeds. This was due to my curiosity. I suspect however that if videos had been taken for several hours, much more would have been revealed. 

From speeds of 151 mph to over 1868 mph, the three UFOs obviously had their own agendas. The UFO in videos #2 and #3 were similar in size and type being light and somewhat hazy gray spheres. It is very difficult to obtain any clarity beyond what is in the photo merged frames above. The black round UFO from the first video however was able to be fairly accurately resolved into its shape as a sphere with clear lines. 

The UFOs appear to be unknown aerial vehicles, demonstrating speeds (493 mph and 1868 mph) which defy those of known human-made small aircraft. For example the top speed for a Piper Cub is 87 mph, while the top speed for a Cessna 182 is 173 mph. This analogy is despite the fact that none of the craft in these videos even remotely resemble human-made small aircraft. 

The probable target of descent of the black spherical first UFO being only .86 miles distant makes the speed of 151 mph illogical if it were a normal and known aircraft such as a Piper Cub or Cessna 182. (A Cessna averages 72 mph at landing, and a Piper at about 60 mph). 

All three UFOs either appear to be headed to entering a lake, or have departed from a lake. The first UFO appears to be descending straight toward the unnamed lake behind the Lakewood Oaks Golf Clubhouse. The second UFO appears to be departing from 334° azimuth, or the westernmost portion of Blue Springs Lake. The third UFO appears to be ascending to the right from the unnamed lake behind the Golf Clubhouse. 

Origins & Destinations: 
• The origin of the black sphere in the 1st video is unknown. Its destination appears to be the small unnamed lake west of highway 291, at 310° azimuth from point of observation. 
• The origin of the ascending gray sphere from the 2nd video appears to come from the westernmost area of Blue Springs Lake at 334° azimuth from point of observation. 
• The origin of the gray sphere from the 3rd video, since it has an angle of climb not unlike that of the angle of descent of the black sphere from the 1st video—could be from the same small unnamed lake. The angle of descent of the first UFO was 3.5° while the angle of ascent of the third UFO averages to about 4°, close enough for a margin of error. 

1. Three UFOs were seen in a span of 3 minutes. 
2. Two of the UFOs may have been coming from and going to the same location. 
3. The speed of descent of the black sphere entering the unnamed lake was much slower at 151 mph, but the craft that seemed to be departing from the same area was very fast at 1868 mph. This would be logical to conclude about such movements. 
4. As of this report, five bodies of water within a 5 square mile triangle have been reported to be the origins and destinations of many craft. 

These lakes include: 
• Blue Springs Lake. 
• Lakewood Lakes. 
• The unnamed lake in this report (just west of Highway 291 and behind the Lakewood Oaks Golf Clubhouse) 
• The unnamed lake .3 miles west of Blue Springs Lake’s middle and Western shore. 
• The unnamed lake at the Bass Pro Shops mall west of the intersection of Highway 291 and 40 Highway. 


The fact that the speeds of other two of the UFOs were 493 mph and 1868 mph are proof that none of them are normal human-made craft. The shapes of these three UFOs being spherical are also not shapes of human aircraft. The origins and destinations of the UFOs appear to be lakes, and not airfields. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that none of the three craft in these videos are of human origin. mufon cms# 80023

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