Three Separate UFO Sighting Videos Capture Morphing Orbs over Massachusetts

I had 3 UFO Sightings the night of August 6th 2021. I took three videos, the first UFO Video is two UFOs traveling North - North East up the coastline precisely at 9:30 pm there was a huge fireworks display it was loud and it lit up the sky as they were finished with the finale these UFOs appeared right after it had stopped! The second UFO video shows a single UFO following the same flight path as the other 2 trying to catch up with them. The last UFO video is of a plane that is heading South- Southeast on the coastline you can the UFO Sighting is all illuminated by standard plane lights! but these orbs or UFOs were pulsating and changing flight patterns that planes cannot physically do! All while pulsating and changing colors and morphing or changing patterns! mufon cms# 117454 Peabody Massachusetts 8/06/21. This Region has had 1,501 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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