Telepathically interacted with Boomerang UFO while on walk

While on my walk this morning around big canyon, I saw a Dark UFO fly overheard heading n/ne. At first I thought it was a hawk as there are hawks all around my area. I kept watching it and realized it was way too big to be a hawk, so I stopped walking to watch it. It flew n/ne towards John Wayne Airport. UFO Sighting appeared to be triangular in shape at first glance. as it went towards the airport, I asked, in my mind, for it to turn around and come back towards me. As soon as I thought that, it immediately turned towards me. As it turned it went invisible, but as it completed the turn, it became visible again. It headed straight towards me at roughly 60°, and as it got closer, that is when I saw that it wasn't a triangle, but actually a boomerang shaped craft. It was solid black. It continued to fly by me (S/SW) and disappeared behind some trees. I asked for it to come back again, and within a minute or two, it flew by me (again about 60â°) heading e. again, I asked it to come back towards me and as soon as I asked, in my mind, it turned around and came back towards me. I asked it to fly right by me about 75°, which it did. Again, it disappeared behind some trees. That was the last time I saw it. Within a few minutes, I saw a helicopter flying off in the direction I last saw the boomerang craft heading. I know the boomerang craft was responding to my requests. The entire UFO Sighting encounter remained within a 5 mile radius above me and lasted about 5-10 minutes. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures or video as I wanted to remain in the moment with the UFO Sighting. mufon cms# 113775 Newport Beach California 2-22-21 Region has had 11,310 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Image below is only a depiction of a  craft.

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