Telepathic Communication Golden Tic Tac UFO

This happened around when I was 8 years old. I'm unsure exactly how old I was somewhere between 7 - 9 yrs seems about right so if I was 8 it would have been 1995. I've never written about this experience until now. I grew up in a standard four bedroom suburban house at the end of a cul de sac. We had a small garden out front & mid sized garden out back which led into an allotments behind it. The memory begins with me sitting on the carpeted floor of my families living room, sitting next to the sliding glass patio doors which led out onto the front garden.

I don't want to say "I heard a voice in my head" as I don't remember a specific voice but it was closer to an "injected thought" that was clearly not my own saying "look out of the window". Without hesitation, without a hint of apprehension or concern I calmly pulled back the curtain corner draping down over the left side of the patio window & looked up. In a crystal clear blue sky, hovering up & to the right above my families house was a large golden UFO Sighting.

When I pulled back the curtain & saw the golden UFO I had no reference point as an 8 year old, I'd never heard of UFO's or had thoughts of such things. I remember thinking very calmly & inquisitively verbatim, "what is that? it's not a helicopter". The large golden UFO was hovering at a 10 degree angle between mine & our neighbors house  just above roof top height. I'd say it was around the length of 3 - 4 family cars, oval shape, like an American football but more squashed down. It was silent. It was glowing this intense golden yellow color almost as golden as the sun.

You'd think an object giving off that level of intensity of glow would hurt to look at, that you would need to squint your eyes but it didn't hurt to look at at-all. The memory ends a few seconds after I said to myself, "what is that? it's not a helicopter". Five to ten second memory of the full encounter in total.

The weird thing is, not only have I recently remembered this event happening to me I'm now 33yrs old, but I don't remember "re-remembering" the UFO Sighting event at all. When I think back to the event, to the memory it's like it's always been with me, a memory from when i was 8 years old. but the memory could not have always been with me as I've never tolled any friends, x-girlfriends or family about it & I'm not the type of person to shy away from telling anyone about what I saw & the communication I had which I believe came from occupants of the UFO craft.

I think I must have remembered the memory in the last 6 months, but again I don't remember "re-remembering" the memory just feels like its always been with me. mufon cms# 117124 Chesterton England UK. 09/01/95. This region has had 2,402 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

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